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Stephanie Song 
Senior Project Manager at Motionstrand

Alex is wonderful to work with. We've worked on multiple projects together and I've always relied on his expertise in digital strategy and execution. He is self-motivated, methodical, reliable, and forward thinking. Alex's thoughtful insights and solutions have contributed to the successes of our projects - especially for our top pharmaceutical accounts. During project challenges, he always remains calm, cool, and collected all while rolling up his sleeves ready to work with a can-do attitude. Alex earns my highest recommendation.

Kasey Fischer 
Recruiting Manager at Robert Half

Alex is the type of guy who gets along with Everybody, he is also an extremely versatile marketer -- in fact, we used to call him our "Swiss Army Knife" among my team. Alex and I connected in 2017 where I got him in front of various marketing opportunities, one particular client fell in love with Alex and very quickly made him an offer he couldn’t turn down; since then our client has mentioned on numerous occasions that Alex has an impeccable work ethic, high quality work with quick turn around, and he sets the bar high for others on the team. Alex has a bright future in front of him!

River Davis 
Founder & CEO of Electronic the Magazine
Alex Pardieu Electronic

        "When Alex first joined Electronic the Magazine and Media Group he showed an extremely strong work ethic as a junior intern with duties as a blog contributor, research assistant, and a member of the IT team. Alex was consistently one of the first interns to finish his weekly assignments and responsibilities, showing impeccable time management skills as well as the ability to produce the highest quality of work always going above and beyond expectations. He refused to stop there showing a strong sense of commitment to the organization and its goals continually striving to help the business succeed beyond his general responsibilities.

        As a small company with less than 30 employees we were always looking for our team members to help on various projects and the goals set forth by those projects. Alex was always the first one to offer his assistance even if he knew he had taken on a large work load, becoming a valued asset in many areas of our company. At the completion of his required internship our management staff agreed Alex needed to be a part of our staff and was offered a position with our publishing department with a focus in digital marketing. His passion for Digital Marketing and his conceptual thought process, when it came to engaging viewers, earned him a promotion into a management position just a few short months after the initial employment offer.

        In addition to his abilities as a digital marketer his abilities to communicate and articulate ideas and results to the publishing department, management staff, and other internal departments set him apart from other potential management candidates. We would envision goals for the company and tackle them one by one, Alex successfully completed dozens of marketing projects while managing our integrated marketing calendar, increasing user interaction, new user acquisition, and the overall visibility of Electronic and the media group. His abilities to analyze data and effectively apply that information resulted in the consistent improvement from project to project, he was always able to find potential improvements and then execute those improvements. His abilities to analyze and apply data were only rivaled by his ability to effectively design and create visually appealing content for the company.

        Alex was a phenomenal asset to our company adding significant value to our company which was sold for profit in June of 2014. He is one of the few coworkers and managers I had the honor and enjoyment of working with, his results driven mentality combined with his communication skills, team and individual work ethic, time management, and overall business efficiency makes him one of the strongest Digital Marketing managers in the industry."


Lesia Cartelli
Founder of Angel Faces & Author of Heart of Fire
Alex Pardieu Heart of Fire

        “My experience working with Alex has been stellar. Initially, I needed general technical help related to an email marketing campaign using a third party provider. Alex dove into the project, first discussing with me what my end goals were – then seamlessly combined my various contact lists to streamline my communication.  Alex's understanding of current communication tools and social media, combined with his drive and creativity, produced an appealing communications vehicle in just the right format for my marketing needs.”

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